Before we talk, maybe we can answer some of the basic questions about scheduling and policies!

Where is your studio located?

I operate a fully-equipped boutique fitness studio at 203 Bridge Avenue (near the corner of Bay Avenue), but I also offer in-home sessions for your comfort and convenience. In-home training with portable equipment (or your equipment) is offered in Bay Head, Point Pleasant Boro, Point Pleasant Beach, Brielle, Manasquan, Spring Lake, and more towns in Ocean and Monmouth Counties.

What kind of training do you offer?

As one of my clients has said, I’m not “one of those meathead trainers you’d be wary to work with.” With me, there’s no loud music, no yelling, and no bootcamp-style pressure. Instead, my training modality infuses resistance training with the principles of yoga, Pilates, and physical therapy to make sure that whether you’re 25 or 65, you will look and feel better than ever, and feel good about the process.

What are your rates?

The rate depends on whether you want to train in my studio or in your own home, and whether you want 30- or 60-minute sessions. There are additional discounts available for long-term purchases (like a 6-month package, for example).

How do I sign up for sessions?

Contact me to get started, and we will talk on the phone and establish appointments and/or an ongoing schedule for you.

How do you accept payment?

I accept check or credit/debit card.

What are your hours, and how often can I train?

When you become a client, you will choose a day and a time (or recurring days each week), and that spot will be guaranteed for you. Currently, I train Monday through Thursday, and Saturday mornings. You can train once a week, twice a week, or three times a week, but it will be on a recurring schedule, the same every week, and no one else will be able to schedule that time.

What if I miss a session?

I understand that life happens, and appointments can be rescheduled with more than 24 hours’ notice, based on availability. I encourage you, in our initial consultation, to choose a training schedule that is realistic for your lifestyle, so that you can easily make 99% of your appointments without rescheduling.

What about planned holidays and vacations?

I observe most “bank holidays” (Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve, etc.), and we will discuss upcoming holidays/travel at the end of each month, to ensure that your sessions are scheduled promptly and accurately. When I travel, I will give you at least 30 days’ notice so that we can devise an appropriate rescheduling plan for you.

Do you offer refunds?

Any appointment not rescheduled more than 24 hours in advance will neither be made up nor be refunded without exception. As your appointment time is guaranteed each week, they cannot be refunded unless they are rescheduled in advance.

What's the best way to be in touch?

All important communications about schedule must be communicated via e-mail. In the age of texting, Facebook messaging, tweeting, and Snapchatting, it is easy to lose important messages in the confusion of multiple platforms. Want to text me a picture of your 5K medal, or Facebook message me fun recipe idea? Totally fine! Want to reschedule your Monday session? Send an e-mail, no exceptions.

Also, please note that I “unplug” on nights and weekends.

Ready to Get Started?

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