I work with clients to not only give them accountability and structure, but also to help them chart an independent course on their own path of wellness. Check out what some of these happy ladies are saying in their testimonials:

“When I first started working with Rachel, I had never been on a fitness or nutrition plan before, and I had fallen into a very sedentary lifestyle. Soon after partnering with Rachel on in-home personal training, it became clear to me that it was the best investment in myself that I had ever made.” - Kristine L.

“I lost 7 pounds and I’m down a dress size. I feel great! You won’t regret working with Rachel – the best!!!” - Victoria C.

“What makes Rachel so unique is not just her experience with nutrition and exercise (although both are extensive), but rather her holistic approach to women’s health.” - Lauren M.

“Working with Rachel has caused me to totally restructure my approach to exercise and nutrition. It’s been amazing!” - Hailey V.

“The guidance she gives is so personalized and appropriate for just where you are in life – a very encouraging but still challenging approach.” - Linda C.

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